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Our clients have experienced the TPL advantage - and they've got a lot to share. Here's a sampling of testimonials from our clients:

As much as our data processing work requires a fair degree of analysis beyond rudimentary data processing and is document intensive, we are pleased that your highly educated team could manage the high level analytics required of them in comprehending, summarizing, and categorizing the data that they had to process. Together, we are delivering quality professional legal services while facilitating the demanding needs of our clients and economic value on a global scale.
Frank D. Perez, President and CEO
Sfile LLC
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The work that your team is working on for us is not an easy task. They were able to overcome the many challenges of comprehending the commercial real estate industry and read through hundreds of commercial real estate articles published worldwide and still deliver high quality data each and every time. Their determination, hard-work and research skills have shined through the quality of their work.
Institutional Real Estate, Inc.
At first thought, it seems sort of strange to mail all our inbound printed leads to Vietnam, but it has turned out to be a HUGE benefit! Honestly, data entry is something that I don't even think about anymore, it just happens automatically, and that is a sure sign that you are doing something right!
Mark Fiala, VP Operations
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By utilizing TPL, we were able to scale portions of our business much faster than if we were to have attempted the support work on our own. The TPL team provides efficient, consistent, and high-quality work. No matter what project we have thrown at them, the deliverable has always met the highest standards and results were produced in an exceedingly timely manner.
Collin J. Tyler, Corporate Development
Access Nurses, Inc.
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Interactions are friendly and professional, and we have access to those at TPL via Skype, AIM, email, and landline phone. We never have trouble reaching our partners at TPL, and they are available at hours convenient to us. But, the most important aspect of their services we value is their reliability. We can count on our tasks and projects to be completed on time, and for the results to be accurately checked for error.
Andrew Mowery, President
debnroo, inc.
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BuilderDepot is an online retailer selling over 200,000 products. We needed additional help to manage the ever growing demands to update products, inventory, pricing, and images. We selected Transcend People, Limited as they offered us an excellent value, robust performance and professional work ethics.
Zak Zacharia, President
BuilderDepot, Inc.
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What Our Clients Say

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